The hostel for foreign citizens is the building of Military Institute, located on the fenced institute’s administrative and economic territory. The entrance to the territory is authorized on the basis of ID card. Day’s duty is conducted by the staff members of the institute.
Accommodation conditions and the cost of housing are defined by additional agreements to contracts about foreign citizens’ training.
Currently the hostel for foreign citizens is manned by:
    1) Employees:
       - manageress of the hostel – 1 person;
       - duty men - 4 persons:
       - accountant – 1 person.
       Hostel staff is paid by public and special funds of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The hostel is equipped with:
    2) items of housekeeping equipment:
       -room for 1-2 persons (5 rooms);
       wooden beds; wardrobe, 2 chairs, lounge chair, bedside table, bookshelf, mirror, TV, refrigerator, electric hot-water boiler, table lamps, board for ironing, wall        hanger, bedside rug, curtains, cleaning and sanitation items;
       • room for 2-3 persons ( 8 rooms):
       wooden beds, table, TV, table lamps, refrigerator, carpet, chairs, wall hanger, mirror.
       Characteristic of accommodation conditions:
    1) room for 1-2 persons (block system-1 block for 3-4 persons):
       -bathroom ( shower);
       -2 kitchens, equipped with furniture, gas and cook stove, dishes, washers;
    2) room for 3-4 persons ( corridor system):
       washer in every room;
       utility room with toilet, shower for 2-3 rooms, board for ironing

Mothly payment rate for accommodation is established in the US dollars in additional agreements to contracts.

    Training foreign military experts in Zhytomyr Military Institute is carried out according to Korolov Zhytomyr Military Institute regulations.
    The Military Institute takes an active part in the programmes of military cooperation (full- time study of 5 years), probation (studying Russian and special terminology in 10 months, the probation according to the specialty from 1 to 2 years) as well as the refreshment course of foreign military experts (6 months).


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Telephone/ fax: +38(0412)48-30-19
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